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Department of Physical Education

The department of Physical Education was started in the year 2004 with the motive of promoting the spirit of sportsmanship among women.  The department of Physical Education plays a vital role in our college by imparting vigorous training. Sports secretary and her team take a lead role to conduct various on campus sports events and sports day. Our students have excelled in various games and brought laurels to the institution. Physical Director is appointed for scientific teaching, training and coaching in various games and sports and physical fitness programme. To encourage sports students, sports scholarships and concessions is also provided for the students. Every year, sports students are selected for admission under sports quota. The department gives periodic and systematic training to the students with a specialized coach for each discipline. The department has the credit of forming an efficient student’s band troupe.


The spacious grounds of the institute are laid out into playfields for Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis and Badminton etc. Facilities have also been provided for Yoga and Band Music. Gymnasium with sophisticated equipment is also provided.

Area of Sports Ground

Facilities in Sports Ground

Total area of the Playground

72,017 sq.ft.

Focus Lights-9 nos

Area of Volleyball Court

6,951 sq.ft.

Side Bulbs-8 nos

Area of Basketball Court

6,541 sq.ft.

Auto Start Generator

200m non-standard track

60,686 sq.ft.

Water Supply-7

Water Pipes

Sanitation Facility in the ground


Fitness Equipment is available in the premises which includes

•          Multi Gym 8 Session Stand including Leg Press Session

•          Bench Press Multi Exercise in stand including Leg Raise

•          Leg Curl

•          Medicine Ball -2

•          Half Squad Session, Sitting Wings Session

•          Linear Sit-Up Session (Abdominal)

•          Hand Balancing Session

•          Hand Pull (Single & Double Hand) Session

•          Sitting Forward Press Session

•          Other equipments include 5kg rod and one pair of 5kg plate