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"Service to Humanity is Service to God"

Extension Activity is the programmed outreach activity by the students who impart their knowledge and skills for the betterment of the rural community, a nation building process through “paying back to the community”, the outreach programme prepares for concerted action paving the way for social transformation by responding to the direct needs of the rural community. It is mandatory for all the UG Students of the college to enroll in anyone of the nine service clubs. As part of their curriculum, students have to record of attendance 120/60 hours per year in NSS/other service clubs to earn 2/1 credits for obtaining the degree. Each club adopts a village and performs the club activity in that village. The List of service clubs in the college are

The extension clubs are
NSS Unit I & II Motto: Not Me But for You.
Social Service League Motto: Service to Human is Service to God.
Environmental Club Motto: Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
Youth Red Cross Motto: Protecting Human Life & Dignity
Literacy Club Motto: Education is the Real Vision of Life
Population Club Motto: The World is ballooning
Rotaract Club Motto: Know Love & Service
Physical Fitness Club Motto: Health is Wealth
National Cadet Crops (Prepare the students for B&C certificate examinations)

NCC has a very important role in the society. The cadets have undergone various training camps to get enhanced in various skills and to provide service to the society.

Physical Education

The department of Physical Education plays a vital role in our College by contributing a lot in the field of sports and games with vigorous training. Our students have excelled in various games and brought laurels to the institution.